Janet Koprivnikar (Principal Investigator)

waders 5 I am interested in the ecology of host-parasite interactions. This includes the ways in which hosts resist and tolerate parasite infections, and how these  are affected by their environment. Many factors influence parasitism, from biodiversity to contaminants, and hosts have various means by which to  defend themselves against parasites. The importance of parasites to host populations, communities, and ecosystems are also critical to understand in  order to make predictions related to altered ecological conditions. I primarily work in aquatic systems (freshwater and marine).        

Current Lab personnel

Graduate students

Ben Schultz, Mary Balsdon, Keira Mckee (co-supervised with Michael Arts), and Susan Wang (co-supervised with Glenn Tattersall at Brock University)


Past Lab personnel


Katie_ProfilePicgrad students-2Dino Milotic (MSc. 2016)

Marin Milotic (MSc. 2016)

Ferris Zahlan (MASc. 2016)

Katie O’Dwyer (postdoc 2015/2016)

Lucy Santos (NSERC USRA 2016)student field 1

Dorina Szuroczki (Ph.D. 2014)

Johannes Huver (MSc. 2013)

Theresa Urichuk (NSERC USRA 2013)

Julia Redfern (NSERC USRA 2011 & 2012)

Hannah Mazier (NSERC USRA 2012)